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A New Paradigm Of Drone Delivery

FLIFLI AIRDROP is a portable drop equipment, attachable to your drones. Main unit and remote control can send and receive data by interchanging one's Identification Number(ID) which follows wireless communication rule. AIRDROP has a advanced operating system and can be activated by a remote control which is included in the product package. It is designed to provide a light weight and easy-to-use dropping experience. And it is much easy and convenient to equip.

Eco-friendly mask sincere about fashion

AVITTY IS A HYBRID PRODUCT THAT COMBINED THE 100% COTTON MASK AND HIGH-FUNCTIONAL FILTERS: A specially processed 3-layer filter is inserted in every part of the stereoscopic nose/mouth/chin structure. As a replaceable type, the mouth part especially and always provides the best filter performance. The nose and chin part is in a form of an inner filter, and it maintains higher performance than the droplet-blocking effect when used for a long time.

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